we augment machine learning with the power of human intuition.

Augmented Data’s mission

Advancing the field of machine learning

Machine learning has yet to surpass human cognitive capabilities in nearly every arena. If the goal of machine learning is to approach that of human capability, we need humans to teach the machines, on a massive scale. The next generation of machine learning has arrived. By developing intuitive human-computer interfaces, revolutionary data visualizations, and advanced learning algorithms, we facilitate this progress. With this approach, we negate the shortcomings of machine learning while augmenting the strengths of human intelligence. We provide machine learning solutions on massive datasets, where it was previously untenable due to unlabeled data or shortcomings in the learning algorithms used. Our platform scales from enabling an individual to guide an analysis, to harnessing the power of the crowd to supplement machine learning with thousands of human minds.

  • How does it work?

    We utilize state of the art, yet imperfect machine learning algorithms to characterize massive data sets. When the imperfections of the machine learning algorithms manifest themselves, we employ workers around the world to complete tasks that humans are uniquely suited for. We then feed these human responses into our algorithms to improve them.

  • What we will do for you

    We will help you understand the data you have collected from your customers. We will help you to fight through the noise to find the meaning in your customer’s behaviors. We will help you visualize this data in a manner that is understandable by an engineer or a CEO. More broadly, we analyze any data set, and present our human-augmented findings in a clear, comprehensible format to our customers.

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